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From, Chapter 13: Sex, Love and Universal Love

from the book  The Secret of Quantum Living by Frank Kinslow.

Conditional love is inspired or caused by something: holding a child, caring for a pet, selflessly giving of yourself, caressing a lover, exercising, praying, meditating, etc. We humans are capable of performing a plethora of actions that create chemical changes in the body and increase feelings of love. That makes love conditional.

There is a spiritual saying that speaks to this condition of conditionality. It goes, “What you will get, you will lose.” We gain love for a reason and we lose love for a reason. Conditional love is tied to conditions and conditions are always changing. What is born will die. Love born of conditions is born to die.

But there is a deeper love that underlies conditional love. We can never recapture the intensity of the first few months of a new love for one single and simple reason.

We are meant for something far more fulfilling and important than conditional love. This love is unconditional.

It is universal. It is the foundation for all spiritual pursuits and yet cannot be gathered in by the efforts of even the most adept devout aspirant. It is practical and primordial. It is Universal Love.

Universal Love has no gender. It belongs neither to man nor woman nor to the union between them. Some say it is of the heart, soft and filled with adoration. It is said that if you love deeply enough, you will transcend carnal love, merging with Universal Love. This thinking is often referred to as the devotional path to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is another word for living Universal Love.

But I see a red flag whenever a path to universal anything is suggested. If something is universal, like unbounded love, then it must be everywhere all the time, right? If Universal Love is everywhere, where could you possibly go to get it? Wherever you are, there it is. A path can’t take you to where you already are. We know this.

You see, Universal Love is already there waiting for you if you know how to embrace it. We don’t need a path or a process. We just need to become aware of where we are, right? That is because Universal Love is also where we are. The whole problem of being in Universal Love is not so much a matter of doing something as it is a matter of not doing something. Not doing allows the dust and clutter of our minds to settle out. What happens when the mind settles down? Viola, Universal Love!

The real purpose of a loving relationship is not to fall more deeply in love with the other person. The purpose is simply to become aware of Universal Love. As we have seen, romantic love ebbs and flows with the tides of condition. While the promise of conditional love is an illusion, the promise of Universal Love does not exist at all. That’s right. Universal Love does not promise anything. It already is complete as it is, at this very moment. It couldn’t be otherwise or it wouldn’t be universal. All we lack is the realization that this is so. Once done, we are done, and the perfection of the present is realized in all its mundane beauty.

Once we become aware of Universal Love, sex and conditional love still remain a part of our everyday world but with one very monumental  difference. Anchored in Universal Love, sex and love and family; and finances, life and death are no longer separate events. They become part of a symphony. They are notes played on the background melody of Universal Love.

Each note, by itself beautiful, adds to the wholeness of the piece. If we know only individual notes, we miss the harmony of the work. Becoming aware of Universal Love, we become aware of the melody behind the madness of conditional living. And, becoming aware of Universal Love is easy, effortless.

... awareness of Universal Love. Once thought refines and finally dies away, it is reborn as Eufeeling, the first glimmer of Universal Love. In time and with practice, you will be able to recognize your Eufeeling in every aspect of your relationship, including physically sharing love  with your partner. Eufeeling awareness adds the missing element to love, broadening and deepening its meaning and intensifying its physical expression. This is how sex and love find fullness in Universal Love. This is where humanity realizes its divine spark. This is where love becomes Love.

The Love Messenger notes on unconditional love, sex and Divine Bliss:

Awareness in the moment brings the magic into love and intimacy. In the moment everything is perfect, in being in that deep awareness, in sharing love with your partner you find yourself in perfection, going beyond the form of material form, of the body and simply allowing the Divine to pour through you. You and your partner become a true expression of the Divine. You and your partner are perfection in that moment.

The ties to the bondage of material world are released, dissolved, there is no fear, no regrets, no shame, no judgement, you are not even in your body or rather the imperfections of the body doesn't exist, not good and wrong way, no thoughts of before and after, you are living in the eternal moment of Divine bliss, beyond time beyond all there is. There is just love. The Lover and the Beloved.

Having tasted that, having created that with someone, you are never the same again. All books and words of advice fall away and as both partners are a living expression of unconditional love; the relationship just falls into place while old relationships fall apart as old paradigms fall apart, only for things to be rearranged according to the Divine pattern of Unconditional Love.

Thus, the soul knows its path home, it cannot do otherwise but obediently walk on it, through the valley of sorrow and pain keeping one goal in sight, being sustained by one burning promise of eternity: the Love shared with the Beloved.

This Love is not for the weak at heart though, this is no ordinary love. It causes you to grow and stretch beyond yourself, it causes you to shed your old comfortable shell and cocoon of protection, it causes you to change and erupt out of your chrysalis and become the glorious butterfly you were meant to be.

( grateful appreciation to those I loved, thank you for giving me the gift of loving you so much, so deep...I would not be who I am in sharing the love that I have within if not for you ♥ )

A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more than you love me?
Beloved replied, I have died to myself and I live for you.
I've disappeared from myself and my attributes,
I am present only for you.
I've forgotten all my learnings,
but from knowing you I've become a scholar.
I've lost all my strength, but from your power I am able.
I love myself...I love you.
I love you...I love myself.

~ Rumi

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