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Michael K Brown

Michael K Brown was formally trained as a Theologian, lived overseas and spent almost 20 years in business before the gift of writing rose to the surface. When it could be denied no longer, he began to focus his creative energies writing poetry, and it is within this framework that his knowledge of life, spiritual insight, and academic training find their convergence. His writings are soul baring, and he allows them free reign to come forth.

I met Michael on Facebook through one of my beloved friends. I am sharing some of his wonderful love poems.

My Own PDF Print E-mail

I can't stop loving you

No matter that the words are true

No matter what the seas pitch forth

No matter that my mind

Awash with all the swirls of time

Cannot conceive of ever seeing

A life on earth without your being

It all depends on you

Your waves of love to see me through

And then I know, and then I see

and then your words make sense to me

disremembered motions, disremembered signs

disremembered images

that never change with time

A hand in the mix

Flavors that run

Earthy and misty and foolish and fun

Amazing regrets, amazing goodbyes

Sources of laughter complete without lies

Help me to run now

Help me to run far

Help me to capture my heart in a jar

and keep with me always

Forever today

the wishes that meaningful life will hold sway

Put me down now

Put me down slowly

Put me down meekly

Put me down weakly

I have refreshed my mind

I have been refreshed by thine

Accept me now

Hold me not away

From all of the choices that I make today

I give it

My solemn vow

That when all is said and done

It is my own life now

©Michael K Brown ~ Saturday, March 19, 2011

Undying Dreams PDF Print E-mail

A brush against my cheek
Into deep places I go
Given peace and beauty I am filled
Harbored by the gnawing time
My mind empties of it's madness
And in blurs the memories stir
Oh but for a moment of delay
A moment to sit and think
To stop the flood of time
From pouring into all my spaces
To grasp the confluence and patterns
To loose my soul
And clamber over expectations
And find myself there with you
Where you are
In a similar place
In my mind, the throes of it all
Have I been cast already?
When did the dawn awaken me?
Or did I ever sleep?
And the midnight cycle spins
In bars and places of my utmost
Singing with the candles glare
And the light that bounced
Off all the times I waited
For you
For the scent of all the good you bring
And the love
That pours like a sacred river
And the silent filling that remains
Challenging me forward
To find that rest
My dreams have told me
Never dies

©Michael K Brown ~ Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 2:11pm

Love and Passion and the Moment PDF Print E-mail

Running and jumping and searching and all of it
to find you
the looking for you that exhausted me
and gave me energy too
tremendous fire, tremendous pain
rushing rushing
abandoned to it
captured by it
enrobed in it
I give it to you
this passion
this me
this finding
little girl so lost
finding yourself in the mirror
while the smoke hangs in the air
and the last note of that song
still echoes in the room
by the firelight
and the brush of your hair
I close my eyes
waiting for the feeling
to stop shaking me inside
and when the calm returns
and my energy is born anew
I hold the moment in my hands
and when I drink the water
of your love
in my cupped hands
I see your reflection
and hold very still
for a moment

©Michael K Brown Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 2:40pm

Give Me The Time PDF Print E-mail

Give me the time

Give me a gentle song that rhymes

and tell me what I long to hear

the words that speak your love so clear

the words that brighten up my day

the ones that chase the clouds away

A song my friend

for one whose feeling low

a song that tells me all I wish to know

and feeds my soul with all so bright

and comforts me through lonely nights

a song, a wish, a dream, a plan

that draws from me

my need to understand

and silences all my doubt

whether within or without

Shower me with songs

Shower me with light

Shower me with all I need tonight.

©Michael K Brown ~ Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 6:42pm

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