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Written by Love Messenger   
Monday, 21 May 2012 01:04



The Eclipse we just witnessed was The Great Alignment -

the path through which Perfect Love comes to dwell in our hearts -

the powerful transformative energy to lift us up where we belong.
I trust your heart is open to allow the Glowing Love in.

~ Laura LM


“On May 20, 2012, for the first time in 26,000 years, the Sun and Moon, and the constellation responsible for our spiritual evolution and ascension, the mystic Pleiades, will align in a spectacular, full Annular Solar Eclipse and a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the Sun and, our central Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation…”

~ International Metaphysical University [Link]



"You are Blessed to witness the event today or not, be absolutely sure that it is the harbinger of Greater things to come."

~ Adrian P. Cooper [Link]



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When darkness comes - rise to find the Light PDF Print E-mail
Written by Laura   
Sunday, 24 July 2011 00:05

What do you do when darkness comes?Sun and Ocean

We passed through a week with dark events occurring.

Many have asked. Why? Why this happened? What caused it?

I can't answer those questions, and I'm not certain we are ready to 'hear' the true answer.

As spiritual beings we know this word is perfect as it is and there is nothing to be fixed in it the only thing that we need to fix is how we view it.

The spiritual truth is hard to swallow for being of emotions and at same time we cannot be who we are if not for those emotions.

We are here to learn grow... to evolve...

So what to do when darkness hits the world?

May it be when darkness falls - your heart will be true

First of all:

Give thanks that here and now we are safe - you and those close to you are safe, that is something to celebrate and be grateful for.

Above all:

Hold onto the Light, that inner light of the spirit that we know is there even when world is at its darkest.

Know that:

In times as such you may feel very emotional, in pain, in disbelief, powerless, outraged you may experience a whole gamut of emotions or you may feel numb and have a strong drive to detach be oblivious to what happens and seek joy and that is normal :) all states are normal -  after all we are beings of emotions and our emotional states are the primarily driving engines of our lives.

Open your heart and let compassion, let pure unconditional love enfold all those whom were caught in the midst of the events. The perpetrators of the horrors need even more compassion.

Send good thoughts of strength and support to those whose work is at the frontline in dealing with the aftermath, wish them good energy and positivity along with clarity of mind in dealing with what they are faced with.

When darkness falls - believe and you will find a way.

Know that:

We grow the most by traversing moments of darkness and ascending those states of being which were making us sensitive (reactive) to certain events.

In whatever state of being, of state of thinking, opinion, ideas and so on... you may find yourself in... know that too shall end!

When the night is overcome - You may rise to find the Light

Know also that each time of darkness can be used  in such way that is useful towards our soul evolution. Through lessening our resistance towards what happened, towards judgement, opinionated ideas, the need to 'reason' the facts, the mind of those who caused that, the need 'to explain' or even to understand... when we do that when we traverse that need ...our souls suddenly blossoms and new understanding dawns on everything - all of a sudden we see the Light.

Ask for the Light! when you feel confused, in pain, numb, bewildered on about how can...that happen and all related. And the Light will come. This Light is Divine Grace warming up your heart and illuminating your mind. When it comes, when Light comes  I warn you it may be something totally different than what you may expect.

Service will close the emotional circle

When you give of yourself your emotional heaviness will lessen. This can be anything, from a kind word to shed a ray of Light into someone else's darkness to concrete action that will bring something positive, a smile, any form of Love shared from your compassionate heart will help.

Above All - remember you are here to bring more Light

More Light means emotional states of love, joy, lightness from sorrow, beauty the soul can sense, being in words, in a smile, in your attitude, and you can only do that with 'like' emotions in your heart. Getting caught in the spiraling cycle of own dark emotions or numbness will not bring more light, it will only feed more 'like' emotions of darkness. So, take your time, sort your own state of being, get emotional help if you must, then when you get out there make sure you are ready - with a smile on your face radiating from your joyful heart.

May it be Smile


With All My Love


Laura LM

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