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come rest beside me 
as I enfold you in 
limbs that extend 
outwards of a heart
beating and beckoning
in your honour.

come rest within
this landscape I
make for thee anew
with its supple grasses
and tender mounds
of earthen flesh
that is itself
a living-breath
of bodies bodied.

come rest upon me
and feel our rhythms
conjoin in a blood-song
that spans eternity
in its chorusing of voices
forever united 
in mystic unions
like this one
we share

come rest in love
making love to itself
as we breathe in
each others releasing 
at last all we saved 
for this moment
where we 
at last come 
to rest
in love.

come rest in me
resting in you
as our embrace
becomes a world
pregnant with its
own pause;
where stillness
and emptiness
are once again
embodied as 
ways of love
loving itself
into this breathless
realm of understanding.

come rest in me 
resting in you.

©David Jon Peckinpaugh, May 20, 2011



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