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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 19:00

Welcome to the Love Notes




Tell me!! Have you been told today that you are loved? Do you know that you are loved? Do you know that you are loved beyond imagination? Has anyone ever told you this? Do you believe that you are loved so much that no words can describe it, that you are unconditionally loved with a love that is so deep and infinite, unbelievable, amazing, irresistible, pure, in each and every moment of your living life? That you don't have to do anything, prove anything, or be anything in order to earn this love.

Know that you are loved! This is your birthright inscribed into the making of your being since the creation of the Universe.

This is a book that keeps writing itself and sharing itself with you, note by note, every day. This book needs you, she needs someone to whisper sweet words of love to. I hope that someone is you. ☺♥


Dear reader

The Love Notes project has ran for almost four years sending Love Notes to subscribers every single day. The first year of Love Notes has been published (see link on the right), and there are three more volumes of Love Notes in work. Owing to life changes and internet related issues I had to suspend the Daily Love Notes for the time being. Meanwhile please feel free to browse this website, it contains a wealth of inspiration, also please feel free to order the Ist year volume of Love Notes. You can order through Amazon (for a short period of time),  to purchase a PDF copy from the author with or without autographed option please click the PayPal button:





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