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Astraelia is a being of pure unconditional love, part of the Earth web of love all life sustaining, and we are lucky to have people like his at this time on our planet. Their vibrations are the raising factor in human consciousness. They are a beautiful light posts on how humanity can exist in a place of unconditional love fully expressed, heaven on earth creating.

I feel compelled to post his messages as through such example we can all learn more:


Mina Laura

Dearest Angel of Love
I am so honored
By the honor
you have given to my poems
on your beautiful web site.

Much of their Light
have been awaken by your Light
and Divinely inspired Love and Compassion.

May I share with you
Words of deeply felt appreciation that have been sent to me
By KAI KAIE a women who though justly
to let me know how much Healing by Love
these poems seems to be able to achieve
Was transformative for her.

And I believe her most inspiring words
are equally highly deserved by you
and your divinely inspiring and touching
Healing by Love & Compassion Poems

They have given me the courage to share
the Hope that was shared with me by the Creator
Through my meetings with him
when He decided to show me His shining Sun of Love and Hope
for me and for all of us on this Blessed Holy Earth.

In gratitude for your incomparable presence in my life
My poems are the child of our Love
And a reflection of my Love for you
For the grace of my healing
I hold to your Healing Love

In the blessed Light of Love


FROM KAI KAIE - United Starseeds Forum

Beautiful Astraella, I can feel the LOVE... the PURITY of LOVE which emanates from your Sacred Heart.
Thank you for reawakening the innocence of LOVE in the core of our heart.
Thank you for igniting the truth of LOVE in our Soul.
You are Amazing and Your heart flows like the fountain of eternal light.
Thank you for sharing this divine gift.
Your words aren't just words,
they are the base for the foundation we build our coming future upon.

Beautiful Poem of such divine grace.
Thank you for your loving light. Thank you immensely.
May your poems bring peace and empowerment for many.
You have no idea the effect your poetry can have on one and many.

You have a gifted talent to bring all the lights in the world together
and it is held in the power of your creative visions.
Please know that the gift you have is tremendous
and one may not realize the true potential to heal through words but Your words are healing.

They hold a beautiful energy which is felt by the heart and transformed thus.
Consciously, one may not be aware of this transformation because it is deeper than detectable
but Your beautiful poems stir inspiration within.
Please continue to write your loving poems because they have the magic to heal hearts and souls .
We are all extremely fortunate to read your Divinely inspired message
and I am honored to be able to read your poetry.



On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 10:09 PM, Laura < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > wrote:

This is so beautiful Astraelia


May I share this on the website?





Mina Laura
Dearest Heart of Gold
dearest sister of mercy

Of heaven's grace
you are the winged messenger
Of heaven's tidings
you spread the silent river of blessings


Yes it is all inspiring , it is worth to share these words.
I will tell Kai Kaie her words have been honored.

Love my dear Mina

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